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10:03 PM

Hello everybody.
I skip my graduation day post because I am eager to share my excitement on this one thing.
he he he he

This is half-planned activity. sebab mengharapkan tiket orang bagi je. end up kitorang dapat tiga tiket, and at the last last last minute, abang decided to go with us.

 yes, I was in Rock Zone area. but I don't spend any money of it (I'm a poor fangirl, it's a fact!). I got the ticket from my brother. mehmeh. if I need to buy, I prefer to buy a ticket plane and fly to Korea.

I was not into them as much as I love Arashi before I went to this concert. harapan sebenar pun nak tengok Hee Chul je. ha ha. 

and this is a second fact on this concert; THERE ARE GIRLS EVERYWHERE (men are still there, but yahh GIRLS ARE EVERYWHERE) well, what to expect when there were handsome guys entertaining on the stage.

there was one time abang berdiri paling depan, sebab kitorang duduk bahagian belakang. so, when SJ came there semua pun pusing and turned out abang terpaksa pusing gak ah. haha. 

and ada satu masa, when semua pun kejar bahagian belakang sebab, I lari pergi depan, and kebetulan waktu there is no one pun berdiri paling depan. at that time, Sungmin was there. so here was the part when I made the heart pose, and he gave his flying kiss. muahahahahahhaa. kay, i should stop here. but, thank you, you really really really made my day :)

so, overall, the concert was really really reaaaaaaally fun. and I got to see Hee Chul and Marry U performance at last.

and, nasib baik pun pergi bertiga because I terlalu enjoy and fokus, and terlupa nak tangkap gambar pun. hahaha. semua gambar ni ihsan kakak dan abang je.

so, Super Junior, till we meet again. xoxo.

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