Sunday, April 3, 2016

For the sake of myself......

We usually heard about people who sacrifice their money and happiness in order to fulfill others' needs.

But, there are also people who need to couragely doing something which they are not even confident to do in order to help others. No one could see their tears and struggles so everyone would belittle their effort.

Never mind, people will always be people. They can think whatever they want, even believe that everyone are being selfish and take them for granted. Coz this is what I am thinking right now, i am one of them.

May Allah grants me His sweetest rewards for all deeds that I'd done. He knows my intention, my sacrifices, my thoughts, my tears and my worries. Coz He is the only One that always there whenever wherever I am struggling alone.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


It's been a while since my last post (alah sebulan je pun takdelah lama mana)
and if only you are wondering what i am doing now, after finished my studies...

I am jobless fresh graduate living with my parents and sister.

well, being a jobless is familiar with the quote of "duduk rumah peghabih beras". sorry guys, it cant be effectively on me cause i have stopped eating nasi (tak makan banyak lah) since last month hahahahahhaha.

it is not i dont want to start seeking for jobs, but i am waiting for a call from this place which i have been dreamed to work there since four years ago. so, i will patiently wait for its call until i practically realized yang diorang taknak i.

At least, for these six months, I could serve and pampered my parents as much as I can (walaupun still buat sepah here and there, fight over little things, and many more). Since ayah cannot drive well these days, I am their driver. haa, nak pergi mana? cakap je. cewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Ganti ibu jadi housewife kekadang, walaupun kena bebel sebab buat kerja tak macam anak dara. harhar. and, of course jadi kawan gaduh.

Pernah juga mengadu dekat abang, being jobless is too painful. Tau apa dia balas? "Takpe, enjoy your time being at home. Nanti dah kerja tak ada masa dah nak rasa macam tu" betul jugak. So I AM ENJOYING MY TIME NOW. HAHAH.

So, what I am doing now is...............................................

I am losing my weight. kehkeh. I am seriously on diet right now.

Sebab since awal tahun everyone keep on asking me, kenapa badan naik, pipi dah penuh, dah lawan kakak and so on. Tapi, normallah, selalu buat pekak je, cause its my own body, and I am still healthy. harhar.

And, since dah ada ehem, silap ah mengadu dah gemuk and what else, sebab dapat lah sedikit ceramah free. sikit je lah. and yeah, macam biasa, kita buat pekak je.

Until one day, I realized I can't wear my baju kurung(s) anymore. sobs. and my old jeans. and my mermaid skirt. and my shirts. and other wears yang I tak muat dah.

The worst part is, selama ni aku ingat aku cuma 60++ je, and when I weight myself the weight scale showed 72kg, and I was like, serves you right, orang cakap tak nak dengar.

Because of that, baru ada kesedaran yang tinggi untuk diet secara serius, gigihlah study cemane nak diet. cewah. Manusia pencinta makanan macam aku ni, manalah reti nak kurangkan selera makan. haha. kenalah study lebih sikit.

The first day aku start diet, berat masa tu 70.2kg (aku tak pasti mana hilang 2kg before tu, don't ask). Sampai sekarang dah dua bulan lebih adalah turun 3-4kg. fuh, Alhamdulillah. haha. turun jugaklah, takdelah dia mencanak naik macam dulu. Since, I am still on diet and masih belum capai target, I stop my writing here.

Apa aku buat, apa yang merangsang aku untuk terus istiqamah kita cerita lain hari, okay?